Earn University Credit

This program allows you to earn academic credit from the University of Georgia while attending world’s biggest creativity festival in southern France.

Receive College Credit for Study Abroad

The courses offer a three-week intensive educational experience custom-built around the Cannes Lions Festival. During Week 1, students prepare for the festival by reviewing last year’s winners and planning their strategy for what they want to attend during this year’s festival. Various interactive assignments and field trips are incorporated during the first week as well.

During Week 2, students attend the Cannes Lions Festival for the 7 days that it runs. Sessions begin at 10 AM and continue until 6 PM each day. Students also attend opening and closing ceremonies as well as the four awards shows during the evenings. Students also use the festival to complete assignments such as reviewing entries from various countries and learning about the latest trends and technology to later incorporate a team-based campaign of their own.

Week 3 is designed for reflection. Students discuss what they learned at Cannes Lions and present their final assignments.

Faculty: Cannes Lions Study Abroad

Each course is taught by a professor in the Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. The professors are experts in advertising, public relations and entertainment media.

The faculty use their industry connections to set up exclusive meetings for the students with top-name creative directors and brand managers so that students take full advantage of their time at the festival. See our faculty here.

Courses Offered

Course 1: Global Advertising & Marketing Communication (ADPR 5992)

ADPR 5992-1 Special Topics Syllabus

Course Description:

Students meet the week before the festival to discuss and review global advertising concepts and to learn about the types and styles of advertising produced throughout the world. Students will also research featured speakers and categories of work in preparation for attending the festival. During the week-long event, students will have the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and lectures, to review all creative and media entries, and to attend award ceremonies. The week following the festival, students will recap what was learned, present their analyses, and discuss future trends in global advertising.

Course 2: Advertising and Campaign Analysis (ADPR 5992)

ADPR 5992-2 Special Topics Syllabus

Course Description:

Commercial production techniques are changing dramatically, given the digital revolution and the economic downturn. Creators of television, radio and web commercials find themselves redefining what a commercial is and how to produce it. New narrative and aesthetic structures, commercial lengths and placements, and concepts of branding, among other variables, are questioning and in some cases replacing traditional advertising strategies. This revolution is taking place internationally, with much of the most innovative work occurring outside of the United States.

In this course, students will study, critique and produce commercials in and for the digital age, based upon what they see and learn at the Cannes Lions Festival.

During the first week of the three-week program, students will participate in seminars and workshops on commercial production techniques. The second week of the program is the festival itself. Students will attend the Festival seminars, workshops, lectures, screenings, and awards ceremonies. They will critique what they see and hear. And during the final week of the program, students, working in small groups, will write and produce digital commercials.