The UGA Cannes Lions Advertising Study Abroad Program offers two academic credit courses centered on the famed Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, which takes place in the French coastal city of Cannes each June.

Dates, Application Deadlines, and Program Fees

SUMMER SHORT SESSION 1 2017: June 10 – July 1, 2017.

Arrival in Cannes: June 10 or 11; Departure July 1, 2017.

Final application deadline is January 20, 2017. However, applications are being accepted as rolling admissions. The sooner you apply the better your chances of being selected for 2017.

Program Description and Information

Program Description:
The program’s goal is to provide students in Advertising, Telecommunications, Film, and related fields with the opportunity to study at and participate in the world’s most prestigious advertising festival. Students will encounter cutting-edge advertising and meet the men and women who create these ads. The course offers intellectual adventure and the opportunity to meet industry leaders from every continent — real-life experiences unavailable in traditional classroom settings.

The program offers two courses. See the attached syllabi. Students are required to take both courses, for a total of six UGA credit hours.

Program Requirements:
There is no minimum GPA, but holding good standing (not being on probation) at an accredited university is necessary. Minimum age is 18.

Program Costs:
The cost of the program EXCLUDES TUITION AND TRAVEL COSTS. In 2016, tuition was $1872.00 without financial aid applied. Note that HOPE, as well as other financial aid, does cover a portion of the tuition, if you qualify. Please check with the Bursar’s Office to determine your specific tuition cost. Students must enroll in both courses.

The program cost includes housing, Cannes Lions Badge, medical insurance, an opening and closing dinner, as well as classroom related expenses, etc. Not included is your airfare as well as rail, bus, and taxi costs between Nice, Juan-les-Pins and Cannes, personal purchases, and meals. Please be prepared to cover these cost, which can add up if you are not careful. Additionally, each student will have to leave a $100 security deposit at the residence upon arrival but will receive the $100 back upon check out pending no damages were made to the residence (this can be done either with credit card or cash).

These program costs will also be paid directly to the Bursar’s Office in accordance with a UGA STUDY ABROAD PAYMENT INFORMATION agreement that all applicants are required to sign. That agreement can be found at: UGA Study Abroad Payment Information.

Financial Aid:
HOPE scholarship applies to tuition for UGA students. Note that changes in the HOPE scholarship mean that HOPE no longer covers 100% of tuition. Check with the University of Georgia Financial Aid Office for details on financial aid. (HOPE Scholarship money is not available until 10 days before the start of each term.) The Georgia State Board of Regents, UGA, and other entities also offers some scholarships for Study Abroad Programs; to apply,visit the website download the form(s), and submit. Students from other universities may check with their home institutions for similar financial aid opportunities. It is each student’s responsibility to go to his/her Financial Aid Office to notify them that you are doing the Cannes Study Abroad Program. This enables your Financial Aid Office to then start the paperwork necessary for your scholarships and/or financial aid to be transferred to the University of Georgia.

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