Here is what some of our past students have had to say about the UGA Cannes Lions Study Abroad Program.


Cannes Lions is the world’s largest global creativity festival for marketing communication. Yes, the festival is held in the Palais right by Cannes’ infamous beaches, but for 7 days the students attend seminars, workshops, and master classes featuring Yahoo’s CEO, the CMOs of Unilever, P&G, and GM, the global marketing team at Coca-Cola, and a host of top agency talent. The students also research the top entries and award winners including PR, cyber, mobile, promotion, direct marketing, etc. The students get exposed to the latest trends in the field.

Robson Tan
Cannes Study Abroad 2016
(Ringling College of Art and Design student)

“In just one week, I met some of my personal creative heroes on and off the world’s biggest stage in advertising. I saw work that challenged me to think bigger and better for the good of our future. Don’t even get me started on the French food, culture and beaches along the French Riviera. To sweeten the deal, the strangers I met from UGA have turned into my best friends dear to my heart. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and I’d gladly call the Cannes Lions Study Abroad Program one of the most memorable highlights in my college career. (And I’m sure it’ll be the same for you.)”

Emily Pee
Cannes Study Abroad 2016

“The Cannes Lions study abroad was hands down the coolest opportunity I could have ever dreamed of experiencing in college. It shows them what they can accomplish and educates them about all parts of the advertising industry. If you feel disinterested or uninspired before the trip, you’ll feel the opposite when you come back.”

Na’im Carlyle
Cannes Study Abroad 2016

“Deciding to go to Cannes Lions was the best decision I’ve made in terms of my advertising education. I was able to make 60 great friends, travel to another country, and learn in a festive and interactive environment. Attending this program I realized that being a creative in the advertising world is what I want to do. In 3 weeks you will learn so much about the industry and meet so many amazing people. It is rare for students to attend Lions, so if you’re considering applying — DO IT! I promise you, it’ll be the best decision of your life.”

Nilla Paine
Cannes Study Abroad 2016

“I find myself at a loss for words when friends and family ask me about my study abroad experience, as the UGA Cannes Lions program was so much more than a study abroad. It was incomparably the greatest experience I have had in my life. Over three weeks, I absorbed more information than I could have ever learned from a textbook or classroom. I was constantly inspired and stimulated–creatively, emotionally and intellectually. Most importantly, the festival instilled in me a sense of self-worth and confidence. Through casual conversations with advertising executives, pioneers in health innovation, CEOs, creative directors, music producers, celebrities and even fellow students, I realized the people I look up to in my career were once in my same position and I, too, will achieve my dreams. I left the Cannes Lions study abroad program EXCITED and EAGER to take on my future.””

Julie Hong
Cannes Study Abroad 2016

“The program was life changing in more ways than one! The festival definitely inspired me to live creatively, to see the world through a new lens, and to work boldly and uniquely… You’ll meet like-minded people who are ambitious and thoughtful and hilarious, you’ll find yourself in situations you never expected to be in (and come out better for it), and you’ll be challenged in ways that will make you a better student, better job applicant, and a better person. 10/10 recommend, A++!”

Taylor Kay
Cannes Study Abroad 2016

“Cannes Lions was by far the best educational experience in advertising I could have ever asked for – there’s just something about it that far exceeds anything you could ever learn in a classroom. It gave me a much clearer perspective on the industry as a whole and helped me find exactly what I want to do in the field.”

Runal Patel
Cannes Study Abroad 2015

“Cannes Lions is by far the best experience and decision of my collegiate career. I made countless friends and memories, both within UGA and most importantly in the industry! Going to Cannes made me realize that advertising is my true calling; it inspired me to work hard and one day have a Cannes Lions of my own! If you are even slightly considering a abroad program, then without hesitation, GO TO CANNES LIONS … or regret not going for the rest of your life! It is a simple choice.”

Tess Clegg
Cannes Study Abroad 2014

“I just accepted an Edelman internship for this summer! Because of the Cannes Lions Festival, I made this amazing connection, and I am officially interning with Edelman in New York! I can’t thank you enough for giving students this amazing opportunity to attend Cannes.”

Margaret Hancock
Cannes Study Abroad 2013

“After meeting the creator/CEO of Tumblr on Brian Wong’s yacht I emailed the communications director of Tumblr (who was also on the yacht) and set up a meeting with the company. She set up a great tour of the Tumblr headquarters and also introduced me to her fashion staff! As a fashion merchandising student I was super excited about that! It was a great experience and connection I could not have made without the trip!”

Elliott Strauss
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“The Cannes Lions Advertising festival is a rare opportunity to both see some of the finest global work from the past year and to network with industry professionals over cocktails in beautiful southern France.  I’d strongly recommend this study abroad program to anyone pursuing advertising as a major, especially those looking to gain contacts from around the nation and potentially score a top-notch internship.  Beyond the festival itself, the location of the housing in the small seaside community of Juan Les Pins is quite scenic and the nightlife is underrated.  The professors guided us through the trip with background information on the festival and relevant projects that expand on the material presented in the multitudes of seminars, workshops, and award ceremonies you will take in.  If you’re passionate about advertising and want to spend three weeks of your summer in a gorgeous area of Europe, don’t miss this trip.”

Matt Maggart
Cannes Study Abroad 2012 – view video clip

“The Cannes study abroad trip was easily one of the most unique and exciting experiences of my life. It’s almost unbelievable when you step off the plane and realize you’re going to earn college credits for this amazing experience. Fair warning: When it comes time to leave, you won’t want to!”

Lindsay Davis
Cannes Study Abroad 2012 – view video clip

“The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has inspired me to look at my major in a whole new light.  I now see advertising not just as a professional industry, but as a form of art that’s exploding with creativity and new innovations every day.  It may sound clique, but it’s absolutely the truth that this study abroad program changed my life and gave me new perspective.  After you see the incredible work that people are doing all around the world, it’s impossible not to want to be involved.”

Sam Saidman
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“Three weeks abroad in Cannes, France, condenses a full semester’s work and fuels real-life aspirations for our future in advertising. The program gives us a networking and learning experience like no other.”

Cara Felleman
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“Attending the Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity gave me an opportunity to learn about the advertising industry in a way I would never learn in a classroom. It was an incredible learning experience that I will always remember.”

Stephanie Wright
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“My outlook on life will never be the same after the Cannes Lions study abroad experience. Not only was I exposed to the best global advertising the world has ever seen, but I also was able to figure out what I want to do with my career after I graduate due to the insights I received from the industry’s top CEO’s.”

Elizabeth Morris
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“I had such an unforgettable experience at the Cannes Lions Festival. I met some of the most incredible people in the creative industry from all over the world and made business connections that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

Colson Barnes
Cannes Study Abroad 2012

“The Cannes Lions experience was truly an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by the most talented advertisers from around the world. We were given the chance to interact with some of the greatest minds from some of the top global creative industries and witnessed cutting- edge marketing concepts. We explored the French Riviera and lived in apartments overlooking breathtaking beaches. Having the opportunity to go to exclusive parties sponsored by companies like Microsoft and Google with fellow students was a chance- in- a- lifetime experience. I could not have asked for a better study abroad!”